It has been my intention to write another blog recently but the last month has been very intense as me and my fellow students work towards completing our final year. It was then time to pay my family a visit back home in Elgin to catch up with them and give myself some time off and let me mentally recover before starting on the next steps – mainly, what to do when I graduate.

A couple of days into my trip home I had an interview for an IAESTE placement with NTNU in Trondheim, Norway and so I extended my trip home by a day so I could complete that there before returning back to Edinburgh. The next morning as I prepared to catch my train I found an e-mail offering me the placement and a few excited phone calls were made as it sank in that not only would I be able to return to Scandinavia to live for another period but it was also a great feeling to have that next period of my life figured out.

University has been amazing for me as a person, I have made best friends – hell, I’ve even lived with a few of them, and I have had the time to try my hand at many different skills and projects. Some things have went well, others not so but it gives you a platform where an approach of optimism allows you to develop what you love doing and learn from the mistakes you have made. In the last few years I have been juggling a number of responsibilities alongside my studies and sometimes that maybe has jeopardised my grades at times but the experiences I have had through this time has developed myself incredibly.

I’ve had the opportunity to study abroad in Copenhagen for a year, making many friends who I’ve met up with a number of times since I left little under a year ago. I have had the support of my lecturers both here and in Denmark who when I have struggled, or had questions, or even just needed someone to sit down and chat with to gain some perspective.┬áIt is quite emotional, not quite sadness, just a sense of fulfilment that these have been four years that have shaped my future beyond the academic scope and happiness that the opportunities afforded to me haven’t been taken for granted.

The last few weeks have turned out to be memorable for reasons I hadn’t anticipated, the daily coffee catch-ups at lunch with my friend Shaun, the ‘sleep, uni, sleep’ routine of that final week and looking positively at what is next. Instead of dreading what was to come after graduation – the realisation that we were all actually anticipating it – now I’m ready to leave, looking back fondly and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

It has been a busy month with the camera as well, when I visited home a military exercise was on at my local RAF base so I visited a couple of days to catch the action. Me and my Mum went for a long drive around Moray and the Cairngorms stopping off at Loch Morlich, Carrbridge, the Cairngorm ski centre and many, many distilleries along the way. My camera was pointed at distilleries again the next day, this time from the air during a flight around the area with my Uncle in one of the Highland Gliding Club’s gliders.

I also provided coverage of the Napier Dance Showcase, a gig of graduating Popular Music students, my flatmate practising for his piano recital amongst others. I have added a small gallery with my highlights from the month and now I am looking forward to working on more projects – some commissioned and also more personal ones in the coming weeks.

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