Strong and Stable

I’m reaching the five month mark of my Copenhagen comeback and through the ups and downs you can find many lessons. Soon I will complete my Digital Concept Development bachelors, my freelance network is starting to pick up, also a really interesting position on a neuroscience biohacking team and a cosy flat with great flatmates. There have been some crazy moments but of all these, the aspect I’m happiest for is my positivity.

So I wanted to write about it, why I try to stay positive and how it affects my decision making and outlook. I feel like it is what carries me through the good and the bad, keeping me motivated and wanting to try and keep everyone around me as happy as possible. You could even say there is an element of selfishness, for I like and in a way, rely, on having a positive world around me to keep me feeling good. Which is interesting to think about, and consider but I also believe that it is important that by making small local positive steps and having many people around you who want the same then that positivity is progressive and becomes part of a greater change.

Now, I’m not saying you should always be happy – because the moments of sadness are useful for you as a comparison between the good and the bad. It’s important not to be numb to your feelings in many ways, I just encourage the bounceback to be quick so that you don’t become trapped in a negative mindset. There’s a lot of rationality, in the same way that when a situation takes you by surprise and flusters you that it can be so useful to take a step back for two minutes to clear your head and make a better decision that saves time in the long run.

Last weekend I worked with the Made In Space festival in Copenhagen, an event brimming with speakers that had optimistic outlooks on future living. That pioneering viewpoint of trying to be creative with life and the systems we live in was encouraging but also were other members of the photography team. I worked with Michael Kaack (check out his awesome photos too!) on the first two days and his attitude and commitment of wanting to do the best job, put in extra hours and co-operate in such a positive way was exactly the type of people I like to engage with. In a way trying to treat work and embed it within your overall life is important to maintaining that consistent happiness that merges the borders of work and fun.

For now I’m just happy to have found my places in Copenhagen, to feel settled and enjoy the summer and engage in different projects that keep me fulfilled and engaged. Now I have the luxury of peace of mind and the mindset that if you try as hard as you can, as frequently as you can then in the future you will be glad because you understand your own self better and can optimise the way you work and live.

But the biggest, of all – and I say it frequently because it is always the case – is that supporting the people around you is the biggest route to having a good life. I’m lucky to have amazing people around me and I’m sure everyone is aware of the amazing people around them, I just encourage everyone to make as much effort for them as possible. Keep them happy, and in turn they will keep you happy.

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