Sometimes travelling or  often in my home city, I photograph everything from cityscapes, landscapes, interiors and beautiful architectural exteriors. There is much pleasure to come from visiting different parts of the world and noticing the interesting nuances which set it apart as a unique entity. This extends to the culture, design and individuals which grace varying visual and cultural landscapes epitomising and embracing both the similarities and what defines it.

Aurora Borealis (also known as the northern lights) dance over the Nidaros Cathedral in central Trondheim, in Northern Norway on a still October evening.
Northern lights dancing in the skies above Trondheim's Nidaros cathedral.
The peak of Blånebba, part of the Romsdalsdeggen trail is revealed as the dramatic cloudbase lifts over central Norway.
A Barcelona local paces the streets of the brightly lit city in the summer.
The Marina Bay Sands' nightly lightshow in Singapore.
Walking down the disused runway at Berlin Tempelhof Airfield in the center of the city.
Abandoned wreckage of United States Navy Douglas C-47 on the black sands beach of Sólheimasandur in Iceland
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Walking past Israel Plads with a Too Good To Go bag in the Danish sunshine.