I recently moved back to Copenhagen, everyone that knows me is aware of how much I love the place and my eagerness to return. I’ve been really fortunate aswell, I have a great bunch of friends out here from before and I meet new people every day, I managed to find a flat in a good area very quickly – which is no mean feat in Copenhagen!

So how did it come to me sitting in my room a couple of weeks after arriving here finding it difficult to motivate myself to even raise myself to my feet that day? I’m not usually the one who is beaten by problems and I love to battle my way out of them. The reality is that moving country is hard, I’ve been lucky to have supportive family and friends to help out and having my finances lodged in several places and countries. The joys of freelancing! I have no regrets about feeling down and unmotivated for a couple of days, in a way it was quite humbling to realise that when you achieve good things it is because you have put the effort into them. It reminds me of Tetris, as your bricks pile up the screen and you have less time to react forcing you into bad decisions.

It is avoidable though, when it becomes difficult to concentrate it is worth remembering that even a few days later your situation can be even more promising than you could ever expect. I was saved by my flatmate knocking on my door with doughnuts – a small gesture, enough to make me realise it was time to get my act together. Write down the problems and hit them off, one by one. Forty-eight hours passed and I already felt like I was out of the rut.

I spoke with a few friends about it and also to my family, the hard times are not completely over and I still have a few weeks before I can start to receive stability and then I can return to how I like to live. But when you are having the tough times, it is the smallest victories which give you cause to motivate yourself further. In a way, I just hope that anyone who reads this, if they are in a tough situation it is just a case of working hard and making your way out of it.

The good times are coming, the summer sunshine is on its way and I’m becoming involved in my own fabric of Copenhagen life. Becoming involved in projects and spending time learning new skills. My camera has taken a back set recently but that is only temporary and there is good reason for it! The main difference between me three weeks ago till now, is the confidence I have which I had lost.

It would have been difficult to make it this far without friends and family, so this is who I am writing this for. Even having some people just to talk and explain what was going on makes you understand that it is only human and it is your reaction that is what is important. So to friends and family everywhere, thank you.

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