cph:vej50 – Rådhuspladsen

cph:vej50 – Rådhuspladsen

Copenhagen street scenes with 50mm

It has been too long since I went out and captured the street scenes – now I want to take on the different areas of Copenhagen in a new series. I’ll photograph people, street scenes, architectural standouts and anything else which catches the eye. Each occasion, I will only take one of my three prime lenses out – a 28mm, 50mm or 135mm, – the former and latter are manual focus lenses from the film era.

It comes with its own intimidations, people aren’t so happy to be photographed on these occasions and I’m not fully comfortable with it yet either. But I love the idea of showing the more typical scenes that I come across living in this city – the good, the bad and the ugly – and everything that comes inbetween.

  • A passer-by walks away from the bright advertising walls at Rådhuspladsen paying no attention.
  • Bright advertising from all directions at Rådhuspladsen, one of the few areas in the city to have such advertising presence.
  • The Gargoyles of the fountain in Rådhuspladsen.
  • The unique shapes of the five circular towers which rise of Axeltorv.
  • Waiting for the green light on a busy street heavily illuminated in the city.
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