Olafur Eliasson’s beautiful maritime-inspired bridge

I met many friends who study architecture during my first time in Copenhagen and ended up growing my own interest in it. Constantly surrounded by it and interacting with it, with its abilities to harbour the best of design to bring new qualities to increase the usefulness. Some represent the city it stands in and the different styles rooting through the cultural upbringing and needs of the people at the time.

So when architecture meets art & design from an artist I’ve been intrigued by ever since I visited the ‘Riverbed’ exhibition in Louisiana Art Museum a few years back, it’s a piece of work by Studio Olafur Eliasson that I’ve been trying to capture recently. Cirkelbroen (The Circle Bridge) in Christianshavn is a much acclaimed piece that takes inspiration from the maritime culture of the area for the masts which tower above each of the five circular platforms. A vivid red colour provides an eye-catching contrast and its unique shape also helps it appear very photogenic.

  • A flat view of the Cirkelbroen in central Copenhagen.
  • The Cirkelbroen in central Copenhagen at night.
  • The masts of Cirkelbroen in central Copenhagen.
  • Interesting shapes of the Cirkelbroen in Copenhagen.
  • Two men cycling over the Cirkelbroen at night.
  • The Cirkelbroen at sunset in central Copenhagen.
  • A man walking over the Cirkelbroen at night.
  • A long exposure of Studio Olafur Eliasson's Cirkelbroen by night.
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